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What are public adjusters?

Wondering what public insurance adjusters are and what they do? Public insurance adjusters are insurance pros who serve YOU rather than your insurance company. In many cases, a public adjuster may have formerly worked in the insurance industry as an adjuster for an insurance company before switching alliances and deciding to serve the general public and individual policyholders.

In Texas, a public adjuster should understand Texas's rebuilding industry, local codes, and related expenditures. This is a big advantage to Texas residents as the estimates made by a public adjuster will more accurately reflect real costs. On the other hand, an out-of-area insurance company adjuster is not always as in tune with the ins and outs of rebuilding a home in Texas.

Why does this distinction make a difference? By having a public adjuster advocating for you who happens to be an authority on Texas’s rebuilding costs, you are more likely to get a decent settlement offer out of your insurance carrier. Preparing damage assessments and estimating repair costs represents a large part of the settlement. This makes accurate estimates extremely critical. After all, if the estimates are too low and unrealistic, what happens when the settlement money runs out? Public adjusters work diligently to prevent this scenario from happening.

In addition to helping you with realistic estimates and negotiating with your insurance company, a reliable public adjuster also helps you document covered losses, fill out claims forms, and navigate the entire insurance claims and settlement procedure. This assistance provides weary homeowners with the help and support they need.

All public adjusters serving Texas are governed by the state. Texas's insurance licensing requirements for public adjusters are similar to those of other states. In general, an independent public insurance adjuster must be well-informed about the insurance industry and must pass a rigorous state licensing examination.

In Texas, a public adjuster is compensated by a percentage of the final settlement offer. This means that the adjuster doesn’t get paid unless you receive an insurance settlement. This motivates adjusters to work hard to discover every covered insurance loss possible. This entails wide-ranging reviews of your homeowner’s insurance policy as well as a great deal of time spent documenting every possible loss.

The independent public adjuster assesses your home or business in painstaking detail to locate every covered insurance loss as well as all related damage to your property. In contrast, insurance carrier adjusters are compensated by the insurance company and may not be as invested in the investigation. Public adjusters are dedicated, committed, and concerned. You can expect a Texas public adjuster to carefully evaluate your entire policy, claim, and property with your needs put first.

After a hail storm, tornado, hurricane, wind storm, flood, wildfire, or other devasting catastrophe strikes Texas, the demand for public adjusters is high. While an out of area insurance adjuster can help, it is preferable to select a Texas public adjuster who is familiar with the nuances and costs related to Texas's reconstruction industry.

If you have a covered insurance claim in Texas, selecting a licensed public insurance adjuster is an excellent way to make sure that you are treated properly and equitably by your insurance carrier.

The Texas Department of Insurance can help the people of the state with many general insurance interconnected questions and insurance licensing requirements while a public insurance adjuster serving Texas residents is happy to serve you with your exact insurance claim needs.